KR Bouncy Castles Kerry

KR Castles | Communions 2020.

As all Communions in April / May 2020 were cancelled due to COVID-19. Bishop Ray Browne announced that he hopes for Communions to take place from September 2020. (Credit:

Making A Booking

The easiest way to make a booking for a First Holy Communion is to give us a call on 0876142163. As we have many customers that have already paid deposits for their Communion that was due to take place in May 2020.

Cancellation Lists

Once a date is fully booked, we will then start a cancellation list. If you call and there is nothing available each person will be offered a place on this list. Sometimes plans change closer to the event as parents decide to go to a restaurant or hotel instead of staying at home.

Delivery / Collection Times

Delivery times: will be set the week of the booking. You will be notified on the Thursday before as to what time we will be delivering. It will either be on the Friday evening or Saturday morning. Even if you put in a specified time of delivery in the booking it will be taken into consideration, but it will not be guaranteed for these communion weekends. All deliveries are usually either on the Friday evening or on the Saturday morning between 6:30am and 10am.

Collection times: for communions usually start at 8:30pm and go all the way until midnight. Again, I try to take into consideration everyone's specified times on the booking but once the schedule is formulated, I will let you know in advance.


All deposits that were paid for a Communion hire that was due to happen in April / May 2020 will be honoured for the new date. All persons that have paid a deposit get priority to book for the new dates. If it happens that new Communion dates overlap, you have a deposit paid and there is no availability your deposit will be refunded. After I have heard from all that paid a deposit then I will take new bookings and a €50 deposit will be due. You will be told about this upon booking.

2 Day | Overnight Booking

If your communion day is on Saturday and you would like to keep the castle until Sunday evening there is an extra charge: 50% extra for the second day. E.g. If you rent a castle for €100 then it will be €100 + €50 = €150 in total. This has to be specified on the initial order or there will be no guarantee of availability as time comes closer to the date of hire. If you have already made the booking and would like to add the extra day you can call us on 0876142163.